Getting your new Salesforce CRM system adopted enthusiastically by everyone in the Organization will be the biggest factor in determining if the system will be a Success. Reluctant users will add the minimum data that they can get away with, Or simply ignore it and continue to use their existing personal systems. Carrots Are better than sticks, but sticks may occasionally be necessary.

Foothills Consulting Group huge experience around Salesforce Adoption & Change Management has helped many clients with superior adoption resulting attractive ROI/efficiency around Sales/Service/Marketing cloud Implementations.

At Foothills, we believe:

  • Salesforce System roll out should start from the top, not the bottom.
  • In each department, and at each level of roll-out, choose the first user as somebody who both has a positive attitude to the CRM system and who commands their peers’ respect.
  • Get the sales administrators on side, and give them ownership of the data. A good sales administrator will spot data errors and sloppy coding by sales people, and will either clean the data up or nag them to fix it.
  • The Accounts department cannot pay commission if the closed opportunity is not on the system. Sales Managers should take account executives to task if opportunities are regularly entered as late or closing stage