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Job ID: 5643

Software Engineer


  • Contractor to provide services related to implementing and developing software performing a number of non-processed satellite physical layer algorithms on a GPU based modem.


The scope shall include:

  • Implementing and Integrating provided algorithms into existing codebase
  • Testing and verifying that implementation meet requirements.
  • Automating CI/CD improvements and updates.
  • Providing weekly updates on status of work.
  • Agile Scrum environment
  • Will work alongside system test team to test and verify implementation fulfills all requirements and the system as a while works as described


Technical Skills:

  • Technical expertise of communication systems.
  • C/C++, Python software programming skills
  • Real-time embedded and Cloud computing experience
  • Knowledge of Linux based systems
  • Knowledge of Git-based workflow
  • Experience working in an agile environment
  • Experience with Kubernetes deployments and container orchestration (Preferred)
  • Experience with cloud technologies in any of AWS, Azure, Google Cloud (Preferred)

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