IT Asset Management

Foothills Consulting Group (FCG) has a long and successful history in the IT Services Industry providing both IT project services as well as individual, contract consultant services. This experience has clearly reinforced the importance of IT Asset Management in our business model. This is accomplished by looking much closer at the soft skills of our consultants and the cultures of our clients. IT Asset Management

FCG, having been around over 12 years, we understand that matching just the skill sets of our consultants with the technology needs of our clients does not ensure a successful business engagement.

Over the past several years, FCG has refined our criteria for identifying effective consultants and appropriate clients. The filtering and documenting of this information through our Engagement History Database has resulted in a highly successful and efficient IT Asset Management strategy.

By carefully monitoring our client engagements and our consultants’ experience, job history and performance, we have built a progressively richer database that far surpasses simple skill set matching. By evaluating consultants on hard and soft skills from our first contact with them, we have been able to minimize missteps at the onset of our client engagements. This has been one of our greatest successes.


Service Delivery Model


Project Resource to Project Responsibility

Sometimes all you need is a high-quality spot IT resource to augment your core project team. Someone who can fit into your environment and play well with others. Foothills Consulting Group’s Service Delivery Process will ensure all your project needs are completed from beginning to end.
In other instances, you want to delegate responsibility for your project to a trusted vendor; FCG can and will take ownership of projects. Our IT asset and project management methodology, along with our historical client engagement experiences, has given us the vision to create a hybrid IT services firm with the flexibility of taking as much or as little project responsibility as our clients deem fit. You make the call; Foothills Consulting Group’s company constraints don’t drive your decision.

How Do We Do It?

service delivery modelWhether it is our capability and willingness to take project ownership, or our fully integrated staff of service delivery experts, we provide a level of accountability that is not typically associated with other IT Contract Services Firms. Where our clients only need a spot resource to augment their core staff, we are ready and able to perform quickly and efficiently. Our ability to use your process or our own, our sound project management approach and our deployment of only appropriate resources on these projects, allows us to deliver services to you in the manner you request.

It’s your project, and we understand your requirements differ from engagement to engagement. One size does NOT fit all. Our goal is to support your requirements, not to impose a rigid service delivery model on you. We are confident that we can deliver on a range of projects across your requirement and responsibility levels. We have built management systems to effectively support all of our client engagements. Given the opportunity, you will come to appreciate our flexible business model and will see immediate positive results. Our growing roster of Fortune 1000 clients and growing mid-size clients can attest to our value proposition.

Salesforce with Foothills

Foothills knows how to drive customer-centric businesses and leverage Salesforce to engage customers through sales, marketing, and service. Our team of Salesforce certified experts will ask the right questions to understand your unique business needs and then configure and customize Salesforce to fit. Clients can choose any one or all of following services to get their Salesforce system implemented on right and within Budget